Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Plimpton 119

Paper (Fleur, similar to Briquet 6643), ff. II (modern paper) + 87 + III (modern paper), former pagination 3-178, 262 × 215 (195-205 × 98) mm., ruled in lead, 29 long lines, 1-212 316 (+17th) 4-512 610 710 (+11th and 12th), occasional catchwords, written by numerous people: 1) ff. 1-2, humanistic; 2) ff. 2v-3v, cursive; 3) ff. 4-12v, humanistic; 4) ff. 13-41v and ff. 76-87v, humanistic; 5) ff. 42-43, humanistic cursive; 6) ff. 43-44, cursive; 7) ff. 44v-49, cursive; 8) ff. 49v-73v, cursive; 9) ff. 74v-75v, humanistic semicursive. Decoration: spaces left blank for initials; copious notes, marginal and interlinear, on ff. 1-41, and sparse notes throughout rest of ms. Binding, 19thߚcent. English brown calf over wooden boards, blind tooled; gold stamp on upper spine "Juvenalis et Persii Satyre. Ms. Saec. XIV". f. 74v, Petrarch, Epystola ad Italiam ( Epyst. metr. , III, 24), title "Salutatio Francisci Petrarce redeuntis ex Galia ad Italiam", inc. "Salve caro (sic) Deo tellus santissima salve ...", expl. "... Salve pulcra parens, terrarum gloria, salve" (Petrarca, Rime, Trionfi e poesie latine , 804). f. 74v, Epytaphium Petrarce , inc. "Frigida Francisci lapis hac tegit ossa Petrarce ...", expl. "... Fessaque iam terris celi requiescat in arce" (Solerti, Le vite, 297, 319, 326, 355). Ms. also contains: ff. 1-73v, Juvenal, Saturae , inc. "[S]emper ego auditor tantum? numquene (sic) reponam ...", expl. "... Et laeti fulcris omnes et torquibus, omnes. Finit Iuvenalis. Laus Deo" (A. Persi Flacci et D. Iuni Iuvenalis Saturae, ed. W. V. Clausen [Oxford, 1959], 37-175). f. 73v, Verses by Galesius (?) to Cylio, inc. "Deditum Santis Cyliona musis ...", expl. "... Vivat et felix moriensque serus, astra triumphet".
f. 74, blank.
f. 75, Latin poetry, inc. "Solverat ingenuos aure Baptista capillos ...", expl. "... vulnera facta prius" (12 lines of verse, followed, on. f. 75rv, by four Latin poems, the first addressed to "famosissimum magistrum Nicholaum de Camerino"). ff. 76-87v, Persius, Saturae , I-VI, inc. (Prologus) "[N]ec fonte labra prolui caballino ...", expl. "... inventus [.]rissipe, tui, finitor. Amen" (Saturae, ed. W. V. Clausen, 3-28).
2nd. f.: Dum leno
Written in Italy , s. XV.
Perhaps manuscript was once in the library of S. Michele in Isola 23 (Murano); sold from the library of Rev. Henry Drury (his name is written on the front flyleaf recto) to Thorpe for Sir Thomas Phillipps (London, 1827, no. 2393); Phillipps Ms. 3378 ; Phillipps sale (London, 1898, no. 764) to Leighton; in the sale of Charles Butler (1821-1910), London, 25 February 1914, V, no. 4324, to Dobell, then to Frances T. P. Plimpton.
Ullman, no. 60; De Ricci, p. 1773, no. 119.

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