Digital Scriptorium Finances


Access to the Digital Scriptorium database comes free of charge to all those who use its resources, because we are committed to building awareness, knowledge and enjoyment of pre-modern manuscripts at no cost to users. However, the technical support for digital resources does not come free. Thus, in 2011 Digital Scriptorium implemented membership dues, whereby Voting Members pay yearly fees to cover the ongoing costs of maintenance and growth.

Membership dues are calculated according to a sliding scale that assigns scores for each institution based on these parameters: 1) Materials Budget, 2) Student Body, 3) Number of Manuscripts. For institutions without students, the Student Body score is by default set to the lowest score, which works in the institution's favor. The result is a weighted fee schedule that requires no annual fee from about 1/3 of our membership, although institutions who do not pay dues do not have voting privileges.


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