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Memorials and pachangas for John will be held in San Francisco, Trinidad, Mexico City and New York.

San Francisco
Memorial for John Ros
Saturday, February 26, 2011
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Dawn without john

There is no long hand attached to that sassafras cane

There is no bulging yellow eyeball behind that magnifying glass reading la

That toothless mouth is not sucking on a joint.

There is no black pen cradled in the other hand ready to write

That fine fine brain can´t remember the history of mexico

Those new York ears can´t hear Coltrane or parker

My youngest daughter gabriela won´t be receiving a birthday present from her
beloved godfather or dogfather as he liked to say.

And zoe won´t be skyping with her abuelo tonight.

The apple trees are still blooming

The sun rose again and the moon is full

Our neighbor is threshing his harvest of wheat

And the roosters are crowing

48 hours ago I held you in my arms as you struggled and fought:

And then for the first time in your life you surrendered, gave in,

And took your last breath with the rising sun.

24 hours ago as the day dawned we cried  and arminda and the saxophone of
Oscar el vampiro; street musician from mexico city;  wailed over your cold
lifeless body ,and in one last act of defiance, Oscar and I smoked a joint
of the humboldt grass you smuggled into mexico , making it doubly illegal
and especially irreverent, blew the smoke over you, and stuck the roach in
your mouth.

Before you were baked we placed a pen in your hand

Compadre, I saw that smile on your face as you went up in flames with a
joint in your mouth and a pen in your hand.

It took two hours to turn you into ashes.

This dawn I am alone with those ashes, the flowers, the candles and Coltrane.

The beret, the magnifying glass, the leather vest, the keffiyeh, and the
sassafras cane   are all wondering?


Kevin Quigley   Santiago Tzipijo   jan 19 2011          
John Ross Reading & Memorial
April 29 & May 1, 2011
Panel discussion on
John Ross
Casa Lamm, Mexico City
May 16, 2011
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