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Widely recognized as the leading public university in the world, the University of California Berkeley possesses a storied and complex history. The university has been the intellectual home of over 20 Nobel laureates and was ground zero for the student movement of the 1960s; it has been influenced by powerful institution-builders and challenged to change by those troubled by expansive and costly institutions. The ROHO series in university history includes interviews with former Berkeley chancellors and system-wide presidents, prize-winning historians and hard-working staff members who labor largely behind the scenes. The several hundred oral histories in this series examine the intellectual, social, and institutional history of the University of California from the early 20th century to the present. They document the university's role in and response to crucial political and economic issues of our time, while recording the contributions of alumni, faculty, and administrative officers to the wider community. Explore our entire collection of University of California oral histories in the following subject areas:


Black Alumni
China Scholars
Class of 1931 Annual Oral History Interview on University History
Department of History, UC Berkeley
Exploring Diversity and Access at the University of California: African American Faculty and Senior Staff
Faculty, Administrators, and Regents
Library School
Office of the President
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

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