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Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Oral History Project[1970 - Present]
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Relevant Resources

Kaiser Permanente: The main web portal for Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research (Northwest): Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research/Northwest and Hawaii is a professionally independent, non-profit research institute whose mission is to improve individual health and inform health policy. Its work brings together scientists from many fields—anthropology, biostatistics, informatics, dentistry, economics, endocrinology, epidemiology, genetics, gerontology, medical care organization, nursing, nutrition, preventive medicine, psychiatry, public health, social psychology, and sociology—who conduct research and demonstration projects across a broad range of health and health care issues. The Center for Health Research (CHR) was created in 1964 to study the prepaid group practice model of medical care; Merwyn Greenlick served as Director from 1964 until 1995.

Kaiser Permanente Division of Research (Northern California): The Division of Research (DOR), formerly called Medical Methods Research, was established in 1961 by Dr. Morris Collen to conduct research aimed at improving methods for delivery of health care to subscribers of Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, Northern California Region. DOR pioneered automated multiphasic health testing systems to provide cost-effective health checkups. DOR also piloted a computer-based medical record system, which resulted in the accumulation of a large volume of medical data that could be used for research purposes. Subsequent leaders of the DOR included Dr. Ted Van Brunt, Dr. Gary Friedman, and Dr. Joe Selby.

National Library of Medicine (NIH), oral history collection: The page lists 149 National Library of Medicine oral history collections; some finding aids are available, but interview transcripts are not.

The History of Nursing: 101 Informative Websites

The Permanente Journal: Published beginning in summer 1997, the Permanente Journal is designed for physicians and nurses to create and deliver health care through the principles and benefits of Permanente Medicine. This publication contains many articles addressing historical aspects of Kaiser Permanente.

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