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Housed in the midst of the archive is the Mark Twain Project, a major editorial and publishing program of The Bancroft Library. Its six resident editors are at work on a comprehensive scholarly edition of all of Mark Twain's private papers and published works. More than thirty of an estimated seventy volumes in The Works and Papers of Mark Twain are currently available, all published by the University of California Press (see our list of Publications for ordering information). These volumes already include more than half of the literary manuscripts in the Papers, a growing body of Mark Twain's letters (up through 1873 in complete form, longer spans in selected form), his notebooks through 1891, collections of early fiction and journalism through 1865, as well as critically established texts of the following major works: Roughing It; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; The Prince and the Pauper; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court; Tom Sawyer Abroad; Tom Sawyer, Detective; and The Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts. These meticulously edited texts are also reprinted, with explanatory notes but without the complete historical and textual records of the critical editions, in The Mark Twain Library, a popular trade edition available both in cloth and paper covers.


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