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The Mark Twain Papers & Project is located at The Bancroft Library, Room 475, Berkeley, CA 94720-6000. The entrance to The Bancroft Library is on the east side of the Main Library, facing the Sather Tower, more commonly known as the Campanile.

Please schedule your visit in advance: or (510) 642-6480.

Before entering the Mark Twain Project's Reading Room, you must stow your belongings in the lockers provided on the ground floor, located on the right-hand side of the east entrance. Pass the security guard station and proceed by elevator to the Mark Twain Project on the 4th floor. For our open hours, please see the calendar.

Permission to Publish
Everything Mark Twain wrote for which the Mark Twain Project had even a partial text, as of the end of 2001, has now been published—either by Mark Twain himself, by various hands between 1910 and 1962, or by the University of California Press or The Bancroft Library between 1962 and the end of 2002, either in printed volumes or in one of three Microfilm Editions issued by The Bancroft Library in December 2001. Some works have also been published or reprinted in this period by other publishers under license from the University of California Press.

What Mark Twain himself published, or anything of his that others published posthumously before the year 1923, is in the public domain and may be quoted or reproduced in its entirety without permission. Mark Twain writings of any kind, whether literary manuscripts, notebooks, marginalia, or letters which came to light after 2001 and which were not published in the Microfilm Editions or elsewhere before the end of 2002 are likewise in the public domain.

Under "fair use," quotation from any published work still under copyright is permitted without obtaining the copyright holder's permission. But re-publication or reprinting of any whole work (letter, notebook, essay, etc.) so protected requires the permission of the copyright holder. Generally speaking, if publication occurred in 1962 or later, permission is to be obtained from the University of California Press. If publication occurred between 1923 and 1961, permission is to be obtained from the Mark Twain Foundation.

It is the responsibility of the requester (a) to determine the specific source of the words to be quoted; and (b) to quote them with reasonable accuracy and precision. Mark Twain Project staff can offer limited assistance to confirm original publication dates of certain works and, for material published in the microfilm edition, we will provide specific microfilm reel numbers for citation purposes. For further copyright questions and assistance you may wish to consult an attorney.

All valid copyrights on Mark Twain's words are held by Richard A. Watson and JPMorgan Chase Bank as Trustees of the Mark Twain Foundation, which reserves all reproduction or dramatization rights in every medium. To write to the Mark Twain Foundation, address your request to:

         Richard A. Watson
         Chamberlain, Willi, Ouchterloney, & Watson
         494 Eighth Avenue, 7th Floor
         New York, NY 10001

Copyright on all editorial transcriptions, reconstructions, decipherings, introductions, textual and explanatory notes, identifications of correspondents, places, and dates, in print or microfilm editions produced by the Mark Twain Project, is held by the Regents of the University of California. To write to the University of California Press, address your request to:

         Kim Robinson
         University of California Press
         155 Grand Avenue, Suite 400
         Oakland, CA 94612-3758

Permission to publish Mark Twain Project photographs and other images must be applied for in writing. We will be glad to mail a permissions form to you. Please see Contact Information for surface or e-mail addresses.

Use fees will apply per image requested; however, permission to publish does not constitute a copyright clearance. Neither the Mark Twain Project nor the Library Photographic Service is responsible for the misuse of copyrighted material.


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