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This is an archived exhibit of The Bancroft Library, University California, Berkeley.

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There to Be Discovered


Fayum maskNinety–five percent of The Bancroft Library's papyrus collection is still uncatalogued and unpublished. More than 20,000 fragments are temporarily stored in acid–free folders in the vault; in addition, an unknown number of fragments still lie in the original tin boxes from the Hearst Expedition.

In the course of the past decades, a handful of scholars, with various fields of interest, have made quick surveys of this unprocessed material. Although they were only superficial, these glimpses have shown that there are more important discoveries to be made. We do not know what will emerge from the folders and boxes when the funding can be found to go through them in a thorough and systematic manner. Some of the recent discoveries–all still unpublished–are displayed here.